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A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned … a Dollar of Increased Sales is 10 cents Earned…

Look within your operation first for 10x the financial impact!

There are 2 schools of thought in improving profits. The first is increasing sales.  A well run restaurant averages 10% profit on sales.  This means that for every additional dollar of sales the restaurant nets 10 cents.

The other method of improving profits is reduction of costs.  Increasing the effectiveness of scheduling, revising menu items or revising the equipment layout can all lead to a reduction of costs.  In this case a dollar saved is a dollar net to the bottom line profit.  Elimination of one staff member position throughout an entire daily business cycle can save up to $100,000 annually.

Successful operators seek improvements in both areas.  Many times operators are too close to the business to recognize these opportunities or do not have a large level of experience in working in many food and beverage properties.  This is where an experienced consultant can find you opportunities in your business.  Consider a solution with a proven return on your investment.


Craig Pendleton is the President of National Foodservice Consulting, Inc. He has worked in the industry for over 44 years in both individual and corporate food service positions for many major industry chains.  He has been involved in over 75 new openings and re-concepts.  His services are hands-on and onsite to independent operators, chain operators and tribal casinos.  Craig is available to assist in your current or upcoming project.  Project consulting is available worldwide.

Please review our website for additional information http://www.nationalfoodserviceconsulting.com

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