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Are your outlets just serving food and drinks?

Food and Beverage operations are one of the top five drivers of guest satisfaction and gaming revenue in casino properties

Do you “Own” the food in your marketplace: What does this mean?

What do your guests say about your F&B outlets and products? Do you really have signature items that draw in guests?

Why do most casinos fail to fully integrate the tool of Food and Beverage into planned and forward thinking marketing and promotions?

Do you accurately Measure the use of food and beverage outlets and promotions in your marketing programs or are you just counting heads?

How do you Define and Fulfill the needs of each player demographic group with different food and beverage products and experiences? Or is it a free room night? Or is it a free round of golf?

Can you still make a profit while giving away discounted and free meals?

How do your Food and Beverage Outlets generate and increase gaming revenues?

        We’ve got an app for that!

We’ve been assisting tribal and casino clients with customized programs for the past 27 years to achieve results in these areas where most of the competition fails.


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