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Did You Really Want to be an Operational Consultant or Just Sell the Food and Beverage Equipment?

It happens all of the time.  The equipment supplier provides a layout and equipment proposal.  Somehow the salesman turns into the operational consultant and the success of the operatorís future business becomes your responsibility.

How did this happen?

The client never retained an Operations Consultant Project Manager.  This person is the missing link between you the equipment supplier and the client.  His job is to facilitate  the decision process to arrive at a functional menu and staffing plan leading to a layout as well as to gather all of the client decision makers to define areas outside of the equipment supplierís responsibility but required to provide the answers to equipment, fabrication, items supplied by others that overlap the suppliers areas. The consultant provides credibility for the equipment supplier when the demands of the client are unrealistic in regards to pricing, low quality equipment substitutions and reutilization for used equipment. The success of the clientís completed business becomes the consultantís responsibility.

The Project Consultant works directly on-site with the contractor and sub-contractors to verify and clarify areas of construction as well coordinate equipment delivery and installation.  Decisions and changes during the process (yes, clients do like to change their minds) are facilitated rapidly.  The consultant keeps the clientís personnel out of the construction area until the proper time eliminating delays on the project.

Finally the Project Consultant coordinates, testing and final adjustments and client staff move in to the finished property. An Operations Consultant Project Manager is your ally and can protect you from the demands for service that are not your responsibility as well as save you a large amount of time.  Direct your clients to this service and you will have a smoother project, happier clients and more time to sell more equipment to other clients.

This is a Value Added Service for the Client and the Equipment Supplier.


Craig Pendleton is the President of National Foodservice Consulting, Inc. He has worked in the industry for over 44 years in both individual and corporate food service positions for many major industry chains.  He has been involved in over 75 new openings and re-concepts.  His services are hands-on and onsite to independent operators, chain operators and tribal casinos.  Craig is available to assist in your current or upcoming project.  Project consulting is available worldwide.

Please review our website for additional information http://www.nationalfoodserviceconsulting.com

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