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Some of the Ways We Help Casinos with the Strategic Use of their Food and Beverage Operations


Assist the operators in creating ways to use the casinoís food and beverage outlets to generate and increase gaming revenues


Assist the operators in integrating the food and beverage operations into the marketing and planning of the casino.


Assist the casino in creating distinctive offerings and outlets to exceed the offerings of products and service over the surrounding competition.


 Assist the casino in measuring the results of each promotion and revisions of product and service to establish a record of what does and doesnít work.


Work with the operators to identify, improve and follow through areas of opportunity within the food and beverage operations to increase gaming revenues and outlet profitability.


Provide an objective unbiased industry outside review of all food and beverage operations from both the guest/players perspective and that of an operatorís perspective.


Involve the operators in the process of identification of opportunities and creation of solutions following the concept that: people own what they create. If the operators create the solution they will not only defend their decisions but follow through.


Assist operators with facilitating two of the largest obstacles to operations and improvement: communication and development of staff/supervision. Improvement in these two areas is the most critical to forward planning and long term successful operations/results.

The Process:

In most cases the first step is a comprehensive review of all the operations and practices of the casino food and beverage department. This is done during an operational audit typically over a period of one week. Short visits typically do not uncover true depth of information. By the third day observing operations I am usually allowed to see how things truly operate after I become somewhat of a fixture and less threatening. Many choose this time to share feelings (may or not be based upon actual facts) with me that have been concealed and acted as blockage to forward progress for extended period of time. The resulting report provides objective information of status quo and rank ordered areas of concern along with areas of opportunity for both short term and long term improvement.

Once a casino decides priority and course of action I assist in developing a project list, timeline of steps and assignment of tasks to individuals. If allowed, my follow up visits keep the tasks on course. Without independent oversight often projects are not kept on task due to daily operational requirements.

This same process may also be incorporated into the discovery process of allied specific services requested by the client.  Often clients will request a certain area of concentration that results in discovery of other areas of concern/opportunity.

In many cases forward planning and development must come after some correction of standard current practices, operations and staffing conditions.

We customize our programs - to fit your needs

Casino Food and Beverage Operations must be more about generating maximum gaming revenue than making and serving meals.

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