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Testimonials - What the Clients Have to Say About Us

Casino Clients

"Craig Pendleton is our food and beverage consultant, and has been for the past sixteen years. He is instrumental in the successful operations of all our food and beverage venues. With Craig's oversight, our ten restaurants and food outlets, in addition to our numerous bars and beverage outlets, account for over $14 million in annual food and beverage sales.

In addition, Craig provided his professional expertise in the area of kitchen and bar design, equipment procurement and placement and construction for all locations.

Craig is a valuable trainer and team builder, and his many years in the business have added dimension to all of our food and beverage operations, including our award-winning restaurant, Mr. Lester's Steakhouse.

It has been my personal and professional privilege to work with Craig."

Thomas R. Odisho - President - RAM Holdings, LLC - Cypress Bayou Casino

Tribal Casinos

"I take pleasure in forwarding a letter of recommendation for Craig Pendleton. During my tenure as Chairman of the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana; Craig served as an invaluable resource in setting up and operating all of our food outlets in Cypress Bayou Casino.

Craig came to our bingo hall in 1993 as part of a team to open our first phase casino. During the past 16 years he has been instrumental in the operations, design and construction of all of our food and beverage facilities as we have grown into two casinos. Craig's analysis of food cost efficiency and service design places him among the best in his field. His years of experience, knowledge, dedication and hard work have created award winning outlets that attract customers to our casinos. I would strongly recommend his services to any other operators."

Alton LeBlanc - Former Tribal Chairman/CEO - Cypress Bayou Casino

Executive Chefs

“ In the 20 years that I have known Craig, I have learned that given the choice, I would never design, build or open a concept without his help and expertise from the beginning. He has a great grasp on all facets of front and back of the house operations as well as the ability to produce direct marketing campaigns that will drive bodies in to the building.  He has a subtle manner and will be able to get his point across in a way that people are willing to accept and understand. He has been a great friend as well as a valuable asset to myself and our company”

David Laszczak - Executive Chef of Casino Operations - Cypress Bayou Casino - Hyatt Hotels

Corporate Chain Restaurant Clients

"Craig Pendleton is a full service restaurant Food Pro. He knows how to create, plan, train and execute all areas of Food Service Management. Craig is a valuable member of any Executive team he is involved with and produces results. My experience with Craig showed his ability to improve sales volume and profitability, take a major role in concept development, create effective back of house operations, and management development and mentoring. Our company, Bobby McGee's, USA, operated 25 locations in 5 states, creating nearly $60 million in annual food and beverage revenue. Craig had responsibilities in all locations and opened 8 new locations, plus 2 new concepts for the company during his tenure. We have worked together in several projects over the years and I trust Craig to accomplish what he sets out to do".

John Schwimmer, Scottsdale, Arizona - Former Executive VP & COO of Bobby McGee's, USA;  President of Schwimmer Enterprises Consulting and President & CEO of The Compadres Restaurant Group, Dba Filiberto's Mexican Food. The Compadres Group is currently operating 7 Filiberto's units in The Greater Phoenix market.

Construction - Contractors

"This letter is in reference to my experience of working with Craig Pendleton on numerous projects at Cypress Bayou Casino and Shorty's Casino, a Chitimacha Tribal Enterprise. I have worked with the Tribe on many projects since 1993 as a Construction Project Manager.

I have worked with Craig on many of these projects where food and beverage were part of the project.

Craig has been very helpful on these projects, from the initial concept to the final development of construction documents. He has helped coordinate with the operators and architects to develop the functional design, kitchen and bar designs and has been very helpful in the bidding and purchase of kitchen and bar equipment. He has also been very helpful in the development of the stainless and millwork plans. He helps me on the plan reviews with the architects and engineers. He has been helpful with all onsite observations such as verifying plumbing and electrical rough-ins and stub outs.

Craig is very helpful in the evaluation of a renovation project to determine what existing equipment may be reused and help determine the amount of demolition needed in order to reduce costs.

Craig is also very helpful in coordinating the delivery and installation of food and beverage equipment. He works very hard in helping to get the answers as quickly as possible from the operators to keep delays to a minimum. He has always had a concern that we build maximum efficiency, durability and cost savings.

As a team, which Craig has been a very important part of; we work very hard to complete all projects on time and within a budget. It has been very comforting to know that we have one contact person who can be so helpful in completing a project from start to finish.

Craig is also a person who is thorough in the planning. He always presents an equipment layout, which works well for the operator and is efficient.

I have been more than pleased to have Craig on my team and would be happy to work with him on any food and beverage project, of any size."

John Fontenot - Construction Project Manager - Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana/Cypress Bayou Casino

Design - Architects

"Over the past 14 years I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Craig Pendleton, President of National Foodservice Consulting, Inc. and would like to recommend his services in the design, contract documents preparation and "start-up" phases of food service facilities.

My work with Mr. Pendleton was in connection with the initial renovations of a bingo facility in South Louisiana, converting it to a gaming casino owned by the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana. Over the years, this original facility was expanded several times, each with expansion of the food service facilities with the last project we worked together on being a 50,000 sq. ft. "satellite" casino adjacent to the original one with three food service venues and associated kitchen and support facilities.

His services included assistance in the initial planning with schematics, work flow diagrams, coordinating with owner's kitchen staff, equipment specifications, equipment plans and detail drawings to be included in Architects construction drawings.

In my view, none of these projects would have been as successful and gone as smoothly in the food service areas without the insight and design assistance of Craig and his associates. I highly recommend his services in the design and startup of any food service facility and would not hesitate to be associated with National Foodservice Consulting, Inc. in the future."

David Bernard - Architect NCARB - President -  David Bernard Architects


"I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Craig Pendleton on several projects.  All of these projects involved the need for food and beverage expertise.

Craig has, without exception, brought to the projects many solutions that answered the needs of the program.  After our consulting with Craig we had a clear direction of the most efficient path for the food and beverage departments.  Craig was always most prompt with necessary drawings and returning phone calls.  Due to Craig's involvement, the food and beverage aspect of the projects went smoothly in every case.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Craig Pendleton for any of your future projects."

Kevin J. Gossen, Architect/Owner -Gossen Architects, IPC

Kitchen and Bar Layout and Equipment Suppliers

"It has been my experience to work with Craig Pendleton on numerous projects over the past 25 years.

Due to his background in restaurant operations and functional design as well as his experience in opening over 75 food and beverage outlets, he is instrumental in coordinating and defining the needs of restaurant operators.

His expertise in expediting the ordering and building process makes him invaluable as an on-site representative during the construction and opening process.

Craig is able to create a smooth environment on the construction site, even during the insanity of expedited openings. This is the "missing link" that so many operators fail to hire and in turn, they spend extra money and suffer unnecessary delays.

Craig is able to integrate existing equipment along with new equipment to save operators money in their projects."

Rick Rose - Senior Sales of Restaurant Equipment and Food & Beverage Designer - Michael Blackman and Associates








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