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The New Restaurant Construction Dilemma …

Building for a Monday or a Saturday

Do I need enough room to serve everyone who wants to eat on the weekend and pay for a half full restaurant during the week or build for a Monday and turn away customers on weekends?  These are questions that require experienced and creative answers.  Consultants who are experienced in design, layouts and business plans can guide you through the process.  There are creative solutions not readily apparent.

A New Opening Operations Consultant Project Manager is your greatest asset.  They work for you in your best interests.  They’ve opened and designed many projects.  Being versed in flow, menus, planning, staffing and equipment allows them to save you staffing in your design.  This is a saving for the entire time you own your restaurant.  An employee position eliminated through creative design can save you $100,000 a year (in profit – money you never spent).  With the increasing cost of labor this savings will be even greater in the future.  Food and beverage costs go up, utility costs go up and occupancy costs go up but none of these increase at the rate of labor costs.  It’s not just the hourly rate but benefits and taxes that go along with the employee.  Never spend it and it will never go up.

Retain a project consultant before you build to save costs forever.

Who’s watching out for your interests??


Craig Pendleton is the President of National Foodservice Consulting, Inc. He has worked in the industry for over 44 years in both individual and corporate food service positions for many major industry chains.  He has been involved in over 75 new openings and re-concepts.  His services are hands-on and onsite to independent operators, chain operators and tribal casinos.  Craig is available to assist in your current or upcoming project.  Project consulting is available worldwide.

Please review our website for additional information http://www.nationalfoodserviceconsulting.com

Or call our offices (623) 792-7275

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