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 The New Restaurant Operations Consultant Project Manager 

 Who is watching out for your interests?

 The Missing Link

The missing link in new restaurant openings is an Operations Consultant Project Manager. The architect and equipment suppliers cover their work but are not responsible for the future success of your business nor are they responsible for coordinating all additional suppliers such as soft drink/liquor, point of sales register systems, audio visual and sound systems, seating control, pager systems, telephone systems, surveillance etc.  Without proper coordination in planning you will be charged for change orders as these suppliers arrive and find that areas arenít defined and are not prepared.

Suppliers can provide low cost alternatives in equipment but remember, ďCheap isnít usually cheapĒ.  Short-terms savings will not save you money over time.  The Consultant will guide you through the most effective choices and protect your interests and investment as well as coordinate the entire project arriving as a smooth opening without additional unforeseen costs. Donít try to stretch your staff and management to fill this role; they have enough to do in completing their opening responsibilities including staffing, training and installing the administration systems for the operation.  Invest in the beginning and insure your savings in the future.


Craig Pendleton is the President of National Foodservice Consulting, Inc. He has worked in the industry for over 44 years in both individual and corporate food service positions for many major industry chains.  He has been involved in over 75 new openings and re-concepts.  His services are hands-on and onsite to independent operators, chain operators and tribal casinos.  Craig is available to assist in your current or upcoming project.  Project consulting is available worldwide.

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