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A Passion for the Food and Beverage Industry

Itís in the blood.  Service as an industry requires passion.  Those who enjoy and excel in this business receive satisfaction from seeing that guests and customers have their expectations met or exceeded from the service experience provided.

Why food and beverage?

This is a tough business.  Why? Because we deal in a familiar area that most people feel that they understand and can do themselves. Everyone goes to the store and knows how much food costs.  Most people have had friends over for a party.  Now they are all qualified food and beverage entrepreneursÖ.. At least they believe that little mystery is involved in the food and beverage business and understand the economics.

How hard could it be to run a restaurant or bar?

These are the elements that limit the profit margins in food and beverage.  We arenít selling patented inventions (thereby unavailable from anyone than the creator).  We canít mark up our goods 10- 100 times because everyone can obtain most items at a retail store. Profit margins limit the amount of funds available for labor and wages.  This limits the quality of service employees.

Given the small margins and familiarity of our business why do we do it?

Passion.  Those who excel in this industry love the feeling of happy customers.  We donít like monotonous jobs.  In this business every day is a different experience. Rarely does a day go as simple as planned.  Curveballs abound.  Challenging customers, staffing call-outs, mechanical failures and uncertainty of volume levels are all areas that arenít embraced by any who arenít passionate about this industry.

It doesnít matter why your business exists whether for profit alone or as a loss leader attraction drawing customers to another business (one casino client draws 100,000ís of gaming customers based upon their restaurants - many operating at a budgeted loss as a marketing amenity) the successes achieved are due to the passion of the operators.

I bring that passion to your staff!   Laugh, Scream or Cry itís your choice

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