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 Concept Development

Development comprises researching and documenting all aspects of a proposed business starting with the basic goods and/or services to be provided and continuing through every operational and financial aspect of the business.

Examples include:

bullet business plan
bulletrecipe development and menu design
bulletstaff and management training
bulletfacilities construction and design
bulletpurchasing and cost control
bulletand many other components

Next a breakeven analysis is conducted to verify if the business is financially feasible. This requires very precise details of operations to arrive at a realistic expectation of business success without omitting items, which by themselves may be the critical deciding factors of the success or failure of starting the business.

After this there are additional steps to creation of a new or revised concept they include:

Location procurement

Assist in selection and analysis of the most suitable and marketable property for your project. Whether a full-scale restaurant, cafe, fast food outlet, retail food shop or catering company we will help find the most applicable location with the best market share and the best possible visibility and traffic flow.

Construction, Design and Equipment Specification and Procurement

I have over 44 years experience working in the business in the actual positions that your staff and managers will be working.  I coordinate design with your architect and contractor to build your operation to actually work and flow well (areas in which architects and construction companies are not experienced in).  A properly designed operation will make the difference in the quality of work environment for your employees (employee retention and low training costs).  Simply design to operate with less employees can save over $30,000 per year (including benefits) per employee.  This all goes to the bottom line as profit.

Restaurant equipment suppliers will offer free design assistance in return for purchasing the equipment from them.  Many have never actually performed all of the positions in the food and beverage business in order to properly design workspaces. Beware, the salesmanís first interest is in selling you the equipment lines they prefer (they are in business for themselves to sell equipment first Önot in business for you). Some equipment suppliers are great at designs but typically donít have the time to fine tune your layout for the greatest efficiencies. This is where a consultant comes into play.  I work for you to protect your interests and am entirely motivated to design your project so that it works.  I am in the operation training your staff and helping you open the business.  It has to work efficiently for both of usÖ..we are partners in your success.

Generation of Manuals, Specifications and Training Materials

As required all elements of the business must be documented to provide consistent procedures and training materials for staff.

Procurement of Management and Staff

Assistance in locating and hiring qualified staff and management

Training of Staff

Operations training of staff. This should include practice runs prior to opening the concept.

Grand Opening of Operation and Follow Up

Hands on assistance during the opening and immediately afterwards. Ongoing follow up to insure consistency of goods and services provided as well as compliance with financial projected goals.

Additional services which may apply:

Expanding to additional locations:

If you have a successful business, you may wish to expand into more than one location. This multiple unit operation must be conceived and planned extremely carefully. Multiple locations have high failure rates similar to new concepts. The skills and management systems needed to manage one location are very different from those needed to oversee multiple locations. You canít be in two places at once. Even if your second unit uses identical menus, systems etc. and is in a great location there is a whole other set of systems required to operate additional units. Once again a financial model needs to be created to avoid adding another unit and ending up with more work for yourself without any additional gains in profits. You can actually end up with multiple units, which you are responsible for supporting, who merely serve to make you less efficient.

I can help you prepare to make the move, develop the necessary staff, set-up the control systems, choose a second location and open it.

Buying a Hospitality Business

If you are thinking of buying a hospitality business, an evaluation from someone who knows the industry including a unit financial and operations audit is an excellent investment. This is similar to taking a used automobile to your mechanic prior to purchasing it. You want to know what the truth is. A motivated seller may paint a "rosy picture" about the business and omit critical factors. A hospitality expert and an audit of the information verifying its validity and providing a series of observations of what to expect if you purchase the business is critical to making a proper decision to purchase a business. By matching your budget, your skills and your desired lifestyle to a suitable business, I can assist you making the correct choice. I can help you operate the business during the takeover transition period. Most importantly, I can help you avoid expensive surprises later on after you already own the business.

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