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 Construction and Design

NFC has worked with top designers in the United States in the development of  over 75 restaurants, hotels, casinos, bars, travel centers, truck stops, catering facilities, fast food outlets, commissaries and other hospitality properties. I have worked in the industry over 44 years up through the ranks including working the positions that your staff and managers will be working.  My in-depth understanding of operations allows for design considering time and motion, steps to service, sanitation, safety, ergonomics, economy and functionality of a space plan.


A functional work environment increases job satisfaction of your employees (reducing frustration, turnover and additional retraining costs), reduces staffing leading to maximum return on labor and insures a minimal exposure to health and safety related claims.

Hospitality consultants who design operations that have worked in the profession are uniquely qualified to design and develop food and beverage facilities for your culinary operations. Unlike most hospitality architectural firms or kitchen equipment suppliers, that may have an excellent resume of properties, we include actual line production cooking experience, ergonomics, and your staff and management in the design process.


We are capable of developing either a design or of acting as a consultant in unison with your architects to retrofit or remodel an existing kitchen or to design a new space.


We build it for your use based upon the unique and individual needs of your business Öspecifically what is being prepared, how itís cooked, how the dining room (service counter) is going to be staffed, not what that architects decide should work for your business.


Our thorough knowledge of hospitality operations can help you avoid traps such as troublesome locations, over-capitalizing or constructing unworkable surroundings.


Worker-friendly facilities can greatly affect the work experience and satisfaction of your employees.  Wages and benefits are similar in many businesses in geographical areas. 


Physical surroundings as well as recognition can have a dramatic impact on whether your employees are happy and stay or move up the street to another similar business.

The most effective method of designing and building your business is to perform the steps necessary to identify all elements of your business including those that may be frequently overlooked. 


How many employees are you going to need at what time of the day??


Can you operate your business with less employees if the design is modified (each employee will cost you a minimum of $30,000 per year with taxes and benefits included; thatís profit not in your pocket)?

We work onsite with your contractor at each step of the way to insure proper compliance with plans (a couple inches one way or another might be fine when building an office building but can be critical in the location of kitchen and dining room equipment). 

We work directly with the subcontractors to answer questions which are not entirely detailed in construction plans (yes this happens frequently).  Contractors and subcontractors all have different levels of food service construction experience. 

We look out for you.  Avoiding costly construction costs for correcting areas that donít work you will be charged for change orders for these items.

We coordinate the receipt and installation of the equipment as it arrives including test firing and calibration and the coordination of your staff learning the proper operation and cleaning of the equipment.

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