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Consulting Services

Increasing Profit and Sales - Financial Services

bulletIncreasing Profitability
bullet Purchasing and cost control programs
bullet Business plans and breakeven analysis
bullet Theoretical food and beverage cost programs
bulletCost control analysis
bulletCost and contribution analysis of menu programs
bulletLabor and staffing plans
bulletLabor cost analysis
bulletAutomation of control systems using computer hardware and software systems
bulletRFP and contract documentation formation
bulletPreparation of RFP and assistance with the bid process, operator selection and contract negotiations
bulletAutomated purchasing systems including multiple vendor bid programs

Project Management Services

bulletProject management and oversight - new openings or remodels - hands on coordination with contractors and suppliers as your agent
bulletAssist and supplement architect and contractor services
bulletManage the procurement, installation and start-up of equipment
bulletProject master planning
bulletDevelopment planning

Construction and Design Services - Physical Plant/Facilities

bulletConstruction and Design
bulletFacility design services
bulletSite analysis of available space, utilities, traffic, parking, etc.
bulletDesign of kitchen, service storage and dining areas
bulletPreparation of furniture, fixtures, and equipment specifications
bulletEquipment specification, bid and purchasing acting as the client’s agent to insure best prices. (We are much more aware of the cutting-edge equipment available to the food service industry. We have no alliance to any particular company as opposed to the restaurant equipment dealer who is interested in selling equipment. A consultant acting as your agent has the ability to correct problems with equipment.)
bulletInterior design, design specification formation, and purchasing
bulletComputer systems design and implementation
bulletSite Selection
bulletOperational efficiency facilities design (improve on existing designs with existing menus and operating formats using time and motion and other scientific tools to measure worker capacity and though-put speed, identify bottlenecks and best case deployment scenarios that maximize sales and minimize costs)

Concept Development Services

bulletConcept development
bulletConcept research
bulletFeasibility studies
bulletStrategic business planning
bulletRe-concept of existing food and beverage facilities
bulletConfiguration and space allocations for concept facilities
bulletConceptual and market research to assess sales potential of foodservice concepts

Operations and Management Services

bulletOperations Management
bulletShoppers Reports
bulletUnit Audits
bulletInternal feedback systems
bulletInterim management of foodservice properties
bulletOperational analysis
bulletManagement assistance with operational design and implementation

Staff and Management Training and Development Services

bulletStaff and Management Employee Training
bulletManagement performance audits
bulletManuals and training materials
bulletStaffing of unit management and employees
bulletQuality service assurance programs
bulletHuman resources planning, programs and training design
bulletSafety and sanitation training programs
bulletNew property training coordination

Menus and Product Development Services

bulletRecipe Development and Menu Design
bulletResearch and Development
bulletMenu layout, design and production coordination
bulletFood and beverage product development
bulletMenu development, product and recipe planning

Marketing Services

bulletTarget group and focus studies of customer base
bulletMarket analysis for geographic areas and target populations
bulletFeasibility studies based upon market and financial analysis of desired objectives
bulletMarket research
bulletMarket positioning
bulletIntegration of low cost marketing alternatives – in-house and out-sourced
bulletStaff sales building seminars

(this is a basic but not an exclusive list of available services)

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