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Increasing Profitability

bulletSales - (less) expenses = profit
bulletSales and Expenses are the two components of profitability
bulletIncreasing sales...without and attributable increase in expenses...will increase profits
bulletReducing expenses...while maintaining the same sales level...will increase profits

          SOUNDS SIMPLE RIGHT!!!!!

Often the most difficult process of increasing profit is figuring out how to increase sales or reduce expenses without affecting the other item.

How can we help ?

bulletWe aren’t working day to day in your business and as such are not limited to the fixed thinking and preconceptions you have of what does and doesn’t work.
bulletWe listen to what you’ve tried before and are able to apply other possible solutions to the situation as well as suggest many other ways that you haven’t experienced before.

Years of working in the industry and working in many food and beverage businesses have given us experiences of what does and doesn’t work. We have experienced and observed many trials of solutions. Major corporations that we have worked for have spent thousands of dollars experimenting with possible solutions. You should not have to spend your money to experiment with your business. Others have already spent (and sometimes lost) money trying different solutions. We bring these ideas to you.

We have been involved in numerous large scale in house and marketing company created sales increasing promotions. Many times the answer is inside your building.

Why spend money to bring people into your business if you aren’t already doing everything within your business to increase sales internally. How much more can your staff sell to increase sales with your existing customers? If every one of your customers which come in twice a year came in 3 times a year you would increase sales 50%. This is without going and getting new customers.

We can often offer you a solution to the problem of building your business by showing you how to improve the perceptions your customers have of your business. By analyzing the opportunities you may have to increase the frequency of visit of your customers increase your sales.

We organize customer perception before we commit money to advertising your business. There is no point spending to lure customers in if they are only going to visit once and never return — not necessarily because your standards are low, but more commonly because your standards are "average" or you are not providing what the customers expect to return again.

We have years of experience in controlling and reducing food, beverage and labor costs as well as controllable overhead. We teach you and your staff how to introduce and use strict control systems for each of the major categories on your profit and loss reports.

Starting with your business income, we can assist you to increase your customer numbers and your customer average sale — the keys to income growth. Then we can show you how to reduce your wages and salary costs, food and beverage costs and controllable overheads. Profit is the result of tight control and effective management

This is a small indication of how we start to assist you increasing profitability.

Go for the largest impact with the lowest investment.

We know how…we’ve "been there and done that"!!

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