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Laugh, Scream or CryÖItís Your Choice

This business is fun! 

Sounds crazy but when the world turns upside down and the restaurant/bar seems overwhelming and you are at the end of your rope you have 3 choices...laugh, scream or cry. 

We choose laugh.

The screamers run off the staff, show how unprofessional they are and ultimately are not a long term fit for the business.

Crying wonít solve anything and will eventually create a model for the entire staff to mope around and feel sorry for themselves.  This will end up in your dining room.  Victims donít solve problems.  Victims do not express positive attitudes.

Laugh.  When you canít believe it...laugh.  What a great story it will make.  Laugh and get on with it, get through it and rally the staff.

If we canít laugh and have a good time why come to work?  Employees make the same pay whether they have a lousy shift or a great shift.  Employees determined to have a great shift will make better tips.  Employees determined to raise up the spirits of the staff around them when it all gets crazy will make your business excel.

This is the attitude and philosophy National Foodservice Consulting brings to your business!!!!


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