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Operations Management

Any property serving food and beverage in the hospitality trade will most likely be remembered for the cuisine, the service and the ambience of the facility.

A wonderful menu and beautiful facilities will not equal happy customers and profitability without properly planned and efficiently performed operations management.

The worst place to be to find the problems in a management system is to be working in the operation. Being close to an operation can blind the best minds to simple or obvious solutions to complicated problems. This is referred to "store-blindness". You are literally too close to the situation to be objective. Sometimes the problem isn’t even apparent or if apparent seems so large that the management staff assumes that it is just part of the business and can’t be addressed with any appreciable effect.

Most often, the observation of an independent, outside consultant can cut through most of the obstacles right to the basis of a problem and develop fast, effective solutions. With over forty four years of experience NFC can help your operation analyze systems and implement valid management techniques to prevent or reduce unnecessary work. We’ve either seen it done wrong before or done it ourselves before. That is the basis of experience. The key to experience is to not repeat yours or others mistakes and to be able create solutions or adapt the solutions of others to correct and improve a situation. What seems simple to us because we’ve been through it before may not be apparent to your management. Next we help apply the solutions of those who have "done it right".



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