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Project Management

We can assist you to effectively plan or manage your new project — from the beginning to opening and beyond.

During the initial phase of your project, we are skilled at looking at plans and communicating with architects, builders and decorators.

bulletWe work onsite with your contractor at each step of the way to insure proper compliance with plans (a couple inches one way or another might be fine when building an office building but can be critical in the location of kitchen and dining room equipment).
bulletWe work directly with the subcontractors to answer questions which are not entirely detailed in construction plans (yes, this happens frequently).
bulletWe coordinate the receipt and installation of the equipment as it arrives including test firing, calibration and the coordination of your staff learning the proper operation and cleaning of the equipment.

Contractors and equipment suppliers may claim to provide these services. Their priorities and motivations are different than yours and those of your business in many cases.

The contractor needs to complete the project per plan…in fact some contractors are very resistant to change orders when it becomes apparent that an adjustment needs to be made during the project (happens all of the time).

The equipment supplier needs to have their equipment arrive safely and be installed properly. They are not responsible for verifying variances in construction onsite nor making any adjustments as needed (inevitable in all projects are adjustments).

No one is truly acting 100% in your behalf. If there is an oversight in a plan no one is there to fully insure that the project is completed to the standard of what is ultimately best for you.

            They go away after the opening.             


                 You have to stay and run it.

This is where NFC comes in. Our years of experience, with over 75 projects, have given us the background to manage the details. It has taken 44 years to develop this knowledge. You don’t need this level of knowledge for your everyday operations. You just need someone with your ultimate interests representing you with this knowledge.

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