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Recipe Development and Menu Design

When planning your new business or revision of an existing business the menu or product drives all other decisions. Once you decide what you are going to sell (based upon the specific capabilities of your business…you may have to re-equip if you new items cannot currently be produced in your facility) you will need to create standardized recipes for these items. Research and development are part of this process.

Once tested recipes have been approved they must be documented and standardized to allow training and consistent production by your staff.

Finally all of these menu items must be organized in the point of sale device ---


bulletWhat should it look like?
bulletHow should it look?
bulletWhere do the items go on the page?
bulletShould it have photos or artwork?
bulletWhat kind of paper stock or cover (laminated or not)?
bulletHow flexible should it be?

These are all items involved in menu design. After making the decisions coordination must be completed with the printer including drafts, proofs and final bluelines.

There is a science to this process. Gaze-motion patterning is the science of what goes where on the page. Customers do look in certain areas first. Certain highlights draw the customer’s attention to featured items. After completing a theoretical cost on each item on the menu you can calculate selling prices and which items are the best for your business to sell based upon factors such as food cost, profit margin contribution, ease of production, ease of service, functionality of packaging to go etc.

These seemingly simple adjustments can mean the difference between profit or loss in your business (after all of your hard work).

We know how to do this. Let our experience work for you!

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