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Consulting Services

Increasing Profit and Sales – Financial Services

Increasing Profitability (additional information)

Purchasing and cost control programs

Business plans and breakeven analysis

Theoretical food and beverage cost programs

Project Management Services

Project management (additional information)

Construction and Design Services - Physical Plant/Facilities

Construction and Design (additional information)

Concept Development Services

Concept development (additional information)

Operations and Management Services

Operations Management (additional information)

Shoppers Reports/Unit Audits

Staff and Management Training and Development Services

Staff and Management Employee Training                     (additional information)                   

Menus and Product Development Services

Recipe Development and Menu Design (additional information)

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Existing Operators - Profit

Not all restaurants will survive the economic slow down.  Who’s looking out for you?

More Profits Available in Your Restaurant Right Now Without Adding More Customers - Money to be Found Where You Can’t See It

A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned, a Dollar of Increased Sales is 10 cents Earned - look from within first for 10x the financial impact!

Your Monthly Lease pays for the facilities and equipment 24/7 are you utilizing the full capacity?




Existing Operators - Marketing

Increase Marketing Impact to Your Bottom Line. Get your house in order before you invite company

Customer Service is the Greatest Thing You Have to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Casino Operators

Are your outlets just serving food and drinks?

Some of the Ways We Help Casinos with the Strategic Use of their Food and Beverage Operations

Assisting Casino and independent Food and Beverage Operators to achieve the maximum results from their outlets and operations

Do You Want to Increase Gaming Revenues in Your Casino? Food and Beverage in a casino is about building and facilitating gaming revenues not making food.  Attract, retain and reward.  A programmed loss is not a bad thing

Why Do You Have Food and Beverage at Your Casino: Positioning the Food and Beverage Department in Your Casino - Indian Gaming Magazine August 2010 issue.

Maximizing the Results of Casino Food and Beverage Outlets - Indian Gaming Magazine November 2012 issue.

What Differentiates Exceptional from Adequate Food and Beverage Operations at Your Casino? Indian Gaming Magazine September 2013 issue.

Utilizing Secret Shoppers and Maximizing Results  Indian Gaming Magazine March 2014 issue.

Staff Development and Training

F&B Operations: Fully Training Your Food and Beverage Staff While Reducing Turnover - Indian Gaming Magazine May 2013 Issue.

New Openings and Re-concepts

Opening a Restaurant Without Someone Protecting You can be the Beginning of the End

Design Drives Profit as Long as the Food and Beverage Outlet is in Business. An employee saved is worth $100,000 – per year

Saving Money on Restaurant Construction Costs - Recycling equipment.  Stainless steel is forever.

The New Restaurant Operations Consulting Project Manager – The Missing Link

You Hire a Contractor to Build Your Business, Why Not a Consultant to Plan Your Business to Make More Money Long Term?

The New Restaurant Construction Dilemma - for a Monday or a Saturday

How Much Does a Change Order Really Cost You?  Cheap isn’t usually cheap.

Green Practices

Going Green: Casino Food and Beverage Operations - Indian Gaming Magazine January 2013 Issue.

Equipment Suppliers

Did You Really Want to be an Operational Consultant or Just Sell Equipment? Value added service for equipment suppliers

The Role of a New Restaurant Opening Operations Consultant Project Manager

About Consultants

What Do Consultants Actually Do?

Why Use a Consultant?

General Subjects

Why this is a consulting firm of one employee?

A Passion for the Food and Beverage Industry

Laugh, Scream or Cry…It’s Your Choice


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