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Staff and Management Training and Development

We’ve opened over 75 properties. Chains, independents, small, large, hotels, restaurants, fast food, commissaries, C-stores, catering companies, resorts, banquet halls, casino foodservice, cocktail lounges, nightclubs, performing arts centers, bingo halls, travel centers and more.

bulletWe know how to train staff, open properties and manage them!!!
bulletWe've learned by doing throughout the years.
bulletWe’ve grown up in the trenches working all of the rank and file positions as well as management and corporate positions.
bulletWe understand the business.

Many of the best lessons in life and the business involve scar tissue….both physical and emotional….

We stay in the business because we love it and the people we work with and our customers.

Some of the very best training systems come from the major chains. When you are opening many units at a time with a traveling team you must be organized and you must have concise functional training materials and methods. We’ve worked for many of the big chains back in there glory days before they were purchased by X, Y, Z Corp or whomever owns them now. Back then the chains were driven by passion and results and then (third on the list) money. We were profitable but achieved it through providing a lasting experience for our customers and employees.

Let us open your property for you working with your management acting as a planner, coach, facilitator and bring in the proven methods that work..

After multi-unit supervision of management in many states for multi million dollar corporations we know the methods to make your managers and staff effective. We can provide the materials and training.

Long term development programs provide the team that can continue the winning results year after year.

bulletStaff and Management Employee training
bulletManagement performance audits
bulletManuals and training materials
bulletStaffing of unit management and employees
bulletQuality service assurance programs
bulletHuman resources planning, programs and training design
bulletSafety and sanitation training programs
bulletNew property training coordination

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