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Why This is a Consulting Firm with One Employee?

 I believe that your staff are the people that should not only be part of the creation of new improvements to your business but need to be the same persons reinforcing these improvements in the daily operations.

 I have collaborated as a team member of a group of consultants brought together to perform rapid change and also open new operations where the owner has no infrastructure within current staffing to accomplish the project.  In this case consultants each will specialize in different areas and usually “mentor” a member of operations who will be learning, supervising and reinforcing these methods after the project is completed and the consultants are no longer involved on a daily basis.  I easily integrate into this process and have been part of a team on many projects.  I have access to consultant resources if required.

 When possible I perform projects as a solo consultant for a variety of reasons:

 If only one consultant is involved there is no confusion over communications, there is no variance of personalities. 

Operations managers who are not fully committed to change may align with a particular consultant and actually slow down the process by attempting to complicate the process.

When the consultant leaves it is critical that the business does not operate differently.  Management that is part of the correction and implementation process provide the continuity of procedure.  Management directly involved in solving problems will “own” the solutions because they are their own verses not supporting the changes because they don’t agree with them or they are the ideas of another.

 A single consultant can make a considerable impact in your operation but also causes less disruption. A great compliment is when an employee says, "Oh, I thought you were one of the managers not a consultant".

 The overhead and cost of consulting is reduced by retaining one consultant verses retaining a larger group with larger fees.

 When working with a single consultant the overhead and expenses are reduced especially when this involves travel.

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