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Why Use a Consultant?

Clients call upon Consultants to help them:


correct an immediately serious situation


enhance operational performance and profitability


plan and reorganize for the future

Clients use consultants when they:


 have a need for expert skills for a limited period of time


cannot or choose not to carry the permanent staffing overhead or if their staff does not have the time or skills for the project


want an unbiased, objective viewpoint, free from internal constraints


want to bring new ideas or thinking into their business


want to make the transition from a small business to a properly structured operation


want to expand into multiple locations


want to sell their business

It is easy to identify the need and call in a specialist to work on projects that you are not versed in such as a plumber or electrician. Many times the difficulty is in bringing a professional into your business in an area that you feel that you should be able to do yourself.  Experience counts. 

Due to our time working in the food and beverage industry with a multitude of clients we have a large variety of experiences. Many times situations are immediately apparent to us; weíve probably been there, done that and have been through the experience before.  Take advantage of the mistakes of others.  We do. The key to effective use of experience is to recognize the situation and to avoid repeating it.  Often times you canít recognize a situation unless youíve been through it. We administer systems to enhance levels of operations based upon the tough experiences of others.  These are not the lessons you need to learn the hard way.

Sometimes a dispassionate, objective view of your business from a specialist with appropriate skills and experience can help refresh your perceptions and re-focus your thinking. Itís very easy to get so bogged down with the magnitude of daily operations to the point that you donít see the entire business from an objective position.  You of course have already figured out why it canít be done.  We only know that it can be done; probably not the way you thought of.  Thatís where our experience comes into play.

We bring pertinent issues to light and get management and/or operations personnel to understand the issues, then develop plans for correction. The advantage is that consultants can bring credibility to the process of making changes. A third party, consultant, can help to facilitate change, especially when there is resistance from decision makers. An outside opinion often helps

Consider us when you want someone to have a general look at your business to help identify opportunities and weaknesses. We can evaluate your business and present you with a detailed, written analysis that is invaluable for strategic planning, finance applications or sale of your business.

We only stop at this point if you decide to.  We specialize in seeing the project fully through utilizing your operations staff to effect the changes. 

If we do everything ourselves without your staff being involved, odds are that your business will partially return to the previous systems conditions when we leave.

We always prefer to facilitate rather than actually operate. Our long-term involvement in the ongoing success of your business is your best insurance of your consulting dollars spent wisely.

What Do Consultants Actually Do?

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