Craig Pendleton is the President of National Foodservice Consulting Inc.  Craig has worked for over 49 years in the food and beverage industry in positions ranging from Executive Chef to Corporate Director of Food Services.  He has consulted with food and beverage operators for the past 32 years and concentrated as a specialist with tribal casino food and beverage operators for the past 25 years.

He has run companies with sales in excess of $60 million annually with 25 properties in 5 states.  He has worked for many original major restaurant corporations during their peak success years including: Transpacific Restaurants (Jolly Roger Restaurants), Saga (Velvet Turtle Restaurants), VICORP (Village Inn Restaurants – Dinnerhouse Division), FarWest Services, TGIFridays and Bobby McGee’s U.S.A. Inc.

Craig is a graduate of the University of California at Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences with a specialization in Statistics and Quantitative methods.  He was the first person to complete the Velvet Turtle Restaurant’s Chef Certification Program.

His consulting projects have included projects across the continental United States, Hawaii and in Australia.  Craig has opened and consulted with over 100+ food and beverage operations including casinos, dinner houses, family restaurants, travel centers, commissaries, airport food service facilities, in-plant feeding facilities, hotels (restaurants, banquets and catering), bakeries, sporting events complexes and catering companies (special events up to 100,000 people).

Craig operates as a one person consulting firm to focus on integrating gently into his client’s business. His approach emphasizes a personal one-on-one working relationship with clients and their staff.  All areas from facilities design, systems enhancement and daily project management are conducted in a quiet non-confrontational basis and from the perspective of one who has worked these positions and understands the true needs. As a consultant he has extensive experience operating in conjunction with other consultants and specialists as a team member to tackle larger projects.

Craig’s goal is to make food and beverage operators more successful as a partner in their business. He succeeds when they succeed.