Project Management/Oversight


As discussed in New Projects and Re-concepts a considerable amount of coordination and project management must occur to provide a smooth project delivered on time and on budget. Not all operators engage the services of a Restaurant Operations Consulting Project Manager. Some rely on the contractors, the engineering supervisor or casino project management staff who often are not experienced with the complicated nature of food and beverage projects. The other failure is when an architect or equipment supplier acts as the project manager. The role of a project owner’s agent for an entire construction project is very different than that of the dedicated Restaurant Operations Consulting Project Manager.

When viewing construction plans there are many items labeled “by others” or “by vendor”. The General contractor may have the responsibility of completing plumbing, electrical and mechanical preparation for devices per the construction plans but is not responsible to coordination selection, ordering and selection of these items. It is critical that the food and beverage operators select, order and address construction/connection needs for all systems and devices that are not detailed in the plans. Extremely important are items that require chases (underslab, overhead and within walls) are installed prior to pouring concrete or closing walls. Failure to do this will result in costly change orders. These costs are over and above the budgeted project total.

After designing a project we work onsite with the contractor, sub-contractors, vendor suppliers and equipment suppliers to insure that there is oversight at critical control points within the project process such as: rough plumbing, stub-outs, wiring and chase installation, line pulls, custom fabrication installation, delivery of equipment, test firing/testing, opening practice and integration of staff into the outlet and final hand off.

By creating active timelines our experience helps avoid last minute changes and missed deadlines that cause change orders and costly changes during construction.

Operators also like to watch the process of construction and measure and test spaces. Entering a construction site must be coordinated with the contractor and subcontractors to avoid harm and interfering with construction work. Often when construction runs behind schedule the operators must enter the outlet during off-hours of construction to prepare sections of the space to make up for delays in order to open the outlet on time.

We provide oversight of projects of these key elements:

  • Concept development, feasibility studies, coordination with marketing, operations, food and beverage supervision and engineering
  • Design of kitchen and dining room space, layouts flow and steps to service with involvement of operators. Assist and supplement architect and contractor services
  • Creation of menus with senior culinary and food and beverage supervision
  • Specify and order equipment including green build and practices, low utility usage and newest innovation technology
  • Project master planning and project management including creation of timelines and task punch lists, oversight of construction/installation/ start-up of equipment
  • Assist and coordinate staff training and opening of outlet