Operational Assessments & Tune-ups




There are challenges and opportunities within every business. Often those who operate the business on a daily basis are so close to their business that they don’t see these opportunities plus they typically don’t have time to keep current on new industry-wide innovations. I provide a comprehensive look at all aspects of the business to uncover opportunities within the business to increase revenues and profits, reduce costs, improve products and increase personalized guest service and find solutions to your challenges.


Typical assessment areas:

  • Structure of Food and Beverage Department Management
  • Guest experience service levels and staff capabilities
  • Product quality, current menus, specials and food promotions Product sales history
  • Cost control and security procedures existing processes in place for calculation and control of product and labor costs
  • Tech and use of automation/daily flash reports to assist supervision in proactive management of revenues and costs
  • Physical plant limitations in relation to preparation and handling including layout and work flow
  • Marketing plan in relation to the F&B operations including player tiers and reward offerings including fit to customer base and marketing, use of Database history on past promotions to calculate ROI, Planning process for future development and promotions
  • Training and development systems for staff and supervision within the department and how this interfaces with casino training systems, reduces turnover and develops future supervisors
  • Purchasing and receiving systems including usage of bid systems, prime vendor agreements and rebate programs
  • Vendor performance of purchasing contracts and non contracted services
  • Green practices and opportunities to expand this area
  • Food Handling, Product Safety and Sanitation systems, controls and training process
  • Many additional areas viewed in the process of discovery and assessment